Have you ever been unsure of anything in your entire life. Well I feel that way pretty much all the time. We cannot however be controlled by our insecurities and fears, so here I am starting my own blog, for no apparent reasons. My name is Lisa and I am on a mission. I am here to share my hopes, dreams, challenges and basically any other stuff you might probably find meaningless, so here goes. Wish me luck. Above is a pic of my amazing hubby and I. Welcome one and all.


  1. I find it to be quite comforting that you feel this way. The reason that I say this is because I feel the same way alot. I am 29 and I thought that by now that feeling would have passed, but I am seeing as I get older that it never really does. I guess if we did not feel that way though - we would not really need God. So, it essence it is good because he is the best blessing ever!!! Well, CONGRATS on starting a blog and welcome to the blogging community! I am sure that you will soon find that it is a major blessing for many reasons. Your blog is FAB and your family is very beautiful! I look forward to reading more! :o)


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