Outdoor Festival and Craft Fair.

Well this weekend was spent at our annual Holetown Festival and craft Fair. Don't you just love festivals?? The great bargains on everything handmade, the food and the kids had a grand time of it. Above this white dress caught my eye, as well as the straw hats on top.
This usually is the first of many street festivals in my island home here in the Caribbean.

Layla checking out some very interesting mask.

These hand woven baskets were divine. It had been past sunset at the time.

Hand painted clothing and handbags were a hit with everyone, the dress above is hand dyed silk.

These bowls were made from fish scales and a special resin, that gave them a mother of pearl look. The guys who made these are super talented.

Pottery was all the rage for me, especially the leaf patterned platters (above) for entertaining. Red Clay Potters pay amazing attention to detail. I'll be looking out for more of their stuff in the near future.

Handmade Straw baskets.

These paintings were my favorite in the art gallery.

Hope everyone had a great weekend as I did, have a great week everyone.


  1. Oh wow, looks like you and your cutie patutie had lots of fun!

  2. What gorgeous finds, and how cute is little Layla x

  3. Ooooh! I'd love to go for one of these festivals or craft fairs! <3 How lovely. I adore all these sort of knick knacks and crafty things.

  4. Thanks so much for your visit to my blog. Great photos from the craft fair. I love the little baskets that Layla is surrounded by. I hope you enjoy your venture into blog land. You have a really lovely blog.

  5. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. It is nice to meet you! What a wonderful craft fair. I would have so much fun shopping there! Did you by that white dress?

    You asked if I had ever done mosaics on a hutch yet...no, but I have done a couple of 3 tier tea carts, a drop leaf dining table and a buffet!

    Hope to see you visiting again soon.

  6. This festival looks GREAT! I wish that I could have come myself! You are right about the food too... it is the best! Love the white dress at the top. So pretty! You daughter is so cute as well. Glad to hear that you had a fun day! :o)


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