Victoria Magazine, my inspiration, my bliss.

As a newly married young woman some 13 years ago, I was looking to be the best homemaker, the best cook, an entertaining guru. I wanted my home to be beautifully decorated, to put meals on the table that were both creative and delicious, I needed inspiration. I realized I had to seek out resources to aid me on my journey, but where would I look. Anyway on my way to my bookstore for my usual fashion mags, I saw my first issue of Victoria, that was May 1997. Since then I have almost every issue and also all their books and I still buy back issues from Amazon and other sites, needless to say Victoria has become a staple in my life.

I am still buying Victoria, published by Hoffman Media now (not Hearst). Phyllis Norton Hoffman, President has put her own spin on the previous mag with desserts and fabulous treats gracing their covers. The photos are spectacular and the recipes are just divine. For those of you who are fellow readers of this mag, must admit Victoria is more than a magazine. It is a good friend to have tea with, relax with and always, always there to cheer and inspire us to greater heights of creativity and abundant living. Go to for a free trial issue and subscription.


  1. This seems like a cool magazine. I signed up to get the newsletter. Perhaps it will help me for when I take to journey down the road of wife and mother. Thanks for sharing! :o)


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