"Enchanted" Faerie Art..

Bertie Bookbody
Bertie loves to read and always has a book on his lap, as you can tell he's rather a clever chap and he can do a few little magic tricks for the little ones too.
Willow is just a tiny little thing she can always be found swinging in the Willow trees by the pond, so keep an eye out for her.

"Grey Beard"
Grey Beard is a gnome, a very wise and kind one, he is the Great Grandfather figure in my little family...very calm and relaxed, he always knows what's going on.

Here is a little faerie tree house, Linda spotted it in the woods near her home!! I think its cute!
"Megan" the Mystic
Megan is the spellmaker in the family, she can tell fortunes by reading the stars, she only uses her skills to help others and to see them onto the right path.

"Baby Bud"
"From Little acorns grow the mighty oaks"...this little one wont grow quite as big as an oak tree, he's just a little budling.

"little Meg"
Meg is a very shy little character, she likes to sit in the woods and watch the lacewings fly around...don't talk to her though she gets afraid very easily!!

Linda Ravenscroft lives in the beautiful country of Cheshire, England (famous for the author Lewis Carroll and his Cheshire cat). Her home is situated close to a small wood, which is the inspiration for her visions of faeries. Linda uses many mediums for her paintings, her favorite being watercolour. Her Faeries are compared to angels, only more mischievous and earthbound.

Above, meet her little scribbles, The Fae Family and Friends....these are just her scribbles as she calls them... I hope you like them.

Linda's faerie art is incredible and precious, she shows us that even the smallest things can be "Enchanted" I have been a fan of her work for over two years. So now I share a little of my intrigue with you. Linda is a wonderful artist who prefers to live in a dream world rather than the not-so-wonderful real one. Can I blame her???

Sometimes I escape into her latest book called "Enchanted" just to dream and be transported to another place and time. Whenever I have friends over the book disappears from the coffee table and into the hands of one of my guest. I hope you enjoy Linda's art as I do.

Shine brightly and live your dreams everyone. Take care.


  1. Morning!

    Now, this is something I could take a good read to. I usually don't read alot of author's material, being that (to me) let's just be honest, everyone CAN NOT WRITE. Most ramble on, run on, skip & jump, swim to far ha....it's just too much and not enough. But Linda's material seems to showcase ardent imagination and exciting adventures.....I'm intrigued.

    Have a groovy day :)

  2. Very cute! Your Oscar picks are just lovely :)


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