Memorable Lines from "Alice'.

I loved the movie so much and lovely to see Johnny Depp as the Mad hatter. He was in fine form. Love you Johnny!!!

I cannot leave you, without sharing some of the memorable lines, from the movie. Here goes (not in any particular order).

I never get involved in politics.

The absolutely best way to travel is by Hat. - The Mad Hatter.

You're not the've lost some of your muchness. - The Mad Hatter.

What is the "hatter" with me? - the Mad Hatter

All this talk of blood and slaying has put me off my tea. - March Hare..

Yes, I'm afraid you are mad... after all the best people are. - Alice.

Dogs will believe anything!

Time could be a funny thing in dreams. - Alice.

I always think of six impossible things before breakfast. - Alice.

There is one thing I've always dreaded...ugly grandchildren.
- Hamish Mother.

When in doubt remain silent.


  1. You're not the've lost some of your muchness. - The Mad Hatter.

    I like this! Muchness...I gotta steal that :) But you said it left you empty? Hmmmm.......I know that feeling, when the room spinned and every sung and dance but something very vauable was missing from the least that's how I feel "empty". I'm intrigued.

  2. Yes Alice left me wanting. Yup, the lines were memorable. When you get the chance, you could post some as well.
    Feeling empty is not a good feeling at all, I can relate.

  3. I Enjoyed my visit to your blog!!!

  4. I loved this move and haven't been able to find it for purchase, weird. I'll keep looking, still haven't looked on amazon.


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