Longing to getaway.

Little Good Harbor is a luxurious and tranquil hideaway.


The Fish Pot restaurant offers a truly
gourmet dining experience
in delightful

Our two bedroom cottage.

Pathway to cottages.

Gazebo on the beach.

Little Good Harbor is a luxurious and tranquil hideaway.

I'm sitting here wishing Jerry and I could pack our bags and escape to our favorite hotel for some us time.. I guess both our schedules, have both of us feeling like, we are not connecting like we need to. Our jobs, the daily grind, kids waking us at 5:30 in the morning, traffic, it all gets to you and you need a change of scenery. I'm sure you can relate.

So I'm looking forward to our anniversary getaway, when we pack our bags, pack the kids to gran-ma and gran-pa and turn off our cell phones (well we try).
But I'll have to wait till May for that to happen. Bummer!!!!

We'll be celebrating our 13th anniversary. Sometimes I can't believe its been that long already. I'm so glad I married my best friend and to think I didn't like him at all when we first met.
He was cocky and over-bearing to say the least,
but he always knew I was the one somehow. I love my hunny so much.

Anyway, we usually go to this little, quaint hotel off the beaten track, in a small fishing village. There are no rooms only cozy cottages scattered on the property and the restaurant there is one of the best. Here are some pictures to enjoy.
So in the mean time we'll have to be creative in finding quality time together. Thanks for stopping by and remember to take time to love those who mean the world to you. Say "I Love You" today. Bye for now.


  1. Awhhhh, congrads to you!!!! I hope someday to find the LOVE of my life. It's always SO encouraging to read REAL couples that have lasted NOT thru "putting up with each other, so yea" but couples that have lasted because they LOVE one another. I hope y'all 13th is 13 dreams come true. Oh and how was the "Alice in Wonderland" movie? I didn't go instead I watched 2012 ..don't even get me started on that MESS...just TOO MUCH and not enough. I might watch "Where The Wild Things Are" tonight...we shall see. Well, have a groovy night!

  2. Hey :)

    I added your name to the last "You Dazzle Girl" Blog Awards. Have fun with the movie :) I'll be watching the Oscars tonight!

  3. Thank you so much for the "You Dazzle Award. I very inspired, as I only started last month to blog. I guess I'm doing something right.

  4. I feel you girl! I need a getaway too. It is so great that you married your best friend! That is what I want. Someday.... Well, hope that you get to getaway soon. Those places look quite lovely! :o)


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