Macy Grey, coming on strong.

I'm simply loving Macy's new look... very GLAM, all you need is a rocking designer gown gurl.

Macy Grey gave us "I TRY" and "STILL" in the 90's, has it been that long already. Both are still very powerful songs.
I remember when Macy's debut album dropped, her sound was wild (and her look as well) and different, with a message for everyone, where ever you were in life.

Macy has been working on her new album and the first song I've heard is just so heart-warming. Soooooo loving it, this definitely will be on my playlist.

Bravo Macy keep feeding us great music.

Give a listen to Gray's latest single, Beauty In The World, below.


  1. Sharp hairstyle. I recently got mine cut a tad bit shorter, but it's still in a boob. And your blog template is CUTE :) Have a lovely day :)


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