Meet Mr. Sam.

Meet Mr. Sam everyone, I found him as a stray wandering the university grounds seven years ago. We met when I found him sitting next to my car one night. I asked him if he was going home with me,...opened the car door and he jumped in...the rest is history. Sam has been by my side through two miscarriages, and when I was on bed rest for 8 months if I was going to carry my son full term.

Sam is my first child. I will be honest with you, I love Sam very much. Two words that cause him great distress is "bath-time" and "Frontline". LOL!!! He is a pretty smart cookie and he adores the kids.

We almost lost Sam when a pitbull attacked him, we took him to the vet with not much hope of recovery, but he made it. Then we got the bill after a series of treatments. It was enormous but we couldn't sit by and watch Sam die. I guess you can't put a price on love. My poor husband blew a gasket, he said it was more than my delivery bill at the hospital and I had a C-section. He was fine in the end though, he loves Sam just as much as I do..

Sam sleeps beside me every night and is always home to greet me when I come home from work. Sometimes he sleeps with the kids and positions himself under my daughters' cradle. So cute.

I think I'll be upset if I don't see him in heaven. God will have some explaining to do, but I guess I have to get there first before I make any demands on God. Thanks for visiting everyone.

Have a good day everyone and remember to say I love you at least once a day.


  1. Hey Lisa :)

    What a nice story. Sam is SO precious! I've never really wanted a dog, but if I ever was to get one, I've always wanted the type that grows only so much. Pocket dogs? That's what I call them aha :) I'll just stick to cats instead :) ALl you have to do is feed them and their your best friend..nonchalantness (that's not even a word haha) works for me :)

    Have a lovely day :)

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  3. What a little cutie pie he is. It seems you were meant to find him and I'm certain he was worth the vet's bill.

  4. Hi Lisa~
    Welcome to blogland! Thanks for stopping by my blog too! Your little Mr. Sam is adorable and a true friend. I love my dogs as well, WAY to much actually. They are my babies. No one is ever as happy to see me as they are. It makes my heart swell just thinking of their puppy faces. Have a wonderful day, stop by again soon!


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