Planning an Easter Egg Affair.

Oh isn't a an Easter egg tree divine,...I would love
to do one, but will I have enough time, I do hope so.

I love the idea of these cupcakes,...there will be lots of cupcakes.

I found these templates at for the decorations.

I'm thinking of lots of pale yellow table cloths and flowers and streamers of bunny rabbits.

I simply must have deviled eggs on the menu,...Yumm!

Hello everyone, I have been busy these last few days, but I have missed you all. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm currently planning an Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids in my church,... I know this sounds crazy. Anyway I'm going to pull it off even if it kills me. All the kids are super excited,... I hope you are loving some of my ideas for the party next sunday. I've got lots of work to do, so wish me luck. I'm making party hats and my own decorations. The menu will have Coconut cake, Carrot Cake, of course... lots of pretty cheese sandwiches, cupcakes etc, etc.
Well I better start on these decorations and baskets. Love you all tons. Have a great week.


  1. Mmmmm deviled eggs are one of my favorite things. How delightful. I love the rabbit garland and rabbit cupcakes. Oh this is making me hungry.


  2. Hey Lisa :)

    Easter Egg Hunt? Sounds fun....I remember those days when I was younger..... all of these cupcakes look delicious. And I might be the LAME that's never had devil eggs before, but always had a dream of eating it aha....or have I? Hmmm....either way, whether I have or haven't everything looks GOOD.

    Have a fab day :)

  3. wow this is cool!!I love the egg tree!


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