Sade's New Album: Soldier Of Love.

Soldier Of Love Video by Sade - MySpace Video

Loving the sound of Sade once again. Its been quite a while since her "Lovers Rock" album, which was brilliant. Check out her video at the above link.

Sade is beautiful as ever as you will see. I remember growing up listening to her and loving her look, which became my own so long ago. Some of her songs I still love are "No Ordinary Love", "Gypsy Woman", and King of Sorrow". What a great artist she is to stay so true to self after all these years...Bravo!!!! I will definitely be buying this album to add to my collection.

Have a listen and have a great day everyone.


  1. Love the song "Soldier of Love" but as a rule MOST of Sade's music puts me to sleep! I will admit I stay woke on Smooth Operator...but everything else? I'm SLEEP. I would never listen to her music after 10pm...... Have a lovely day :)

  2. LOL, alright SLEEPY HEAD, I'll review more upbeat music just for you in the near future.


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