Sitting Alone,Typing out loud......#1

Sometimes I feel like there is more I should be doing with my life, You know what I mean,... when you sit alone and think about your life.

Am I truly fulfilling my whole potential? Am I where I ought to be in life? I don't want to depress anyone,... I'm just sharing my thoughts, after all.

Sitting alone I often think about such things. Its good to reflect and take stock of ones life in a constructive way, of course. To plan your next step in life or to just prepare for what you know is to come.

Right now I'm truly grateful for my life, I'm enjoying today, who knows what the future may hold for us all,...good or bad.

So I'll kiss my kids and my husband (and my dearest dog Sam) and say thank you to God, for this life, family, friends, our home and a not so great job.

I will however keep dreaming, changing and growing, experiencing new things and seeing new places. Well I don't want to ramble on here, so take care and thank you for stopping by my faithful friends, you know who you are... and welcome my new friends in advance. Much love!!!!!


  1. wow, nice blog. love it! :D <3
    HUGGSSS! <3 :)

  2. Thanks heap, Smerica.

  3. Oh Alrite! :D
    How did you get the cool stuff on :D <3 Huggs

  4. There is nothing wrong with envisioning your life...i do it quite often, so carry on my sister! Sometimes there are others out there who just need that reminder to do the same...present company included.


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