Sunshine Awards.

Nothing short of thankful.

The Henna Art Quilt.

Well I've finally got up the nerve to award the blogs that in my opinion are passionate and vulnerable,...and the winners are...

Chris is a real as dirt and if her writing are too cheesy or mundane for you, just move on and find yourself another blog to read. She won't mind... no hard feelings... truly. She's incredible!!!

The Henna Art Quilt...
A woman who knows what her passion !! Lyndune is an amazing woman, brave and fearless.

Miz's Write For Life...
Mizrepresent (her name) musings are on writing, reading, publishing and life. Loving the discussion going on at her blog. Keep it going gurl!!!

The Window Shopper...

Liz is an Art and design student, seeking inspiration of all kinds.
The eclectic, the fabulous, and the fun.

nothing short of thankful...

The Hubbards. Jason, Sarah, India and Kalib, are a family of home-schoolers, artists, music lovers, life lovers. Their journey is one to be creative and to take pride in the experiences life gives them. So loving to peep in to their lives. A simple but brilliant blog.'s Simple love...
Rachael is wonderful, she is growing on me with her zest for life and her incredible insights.

Congratulations and thank you all for sharing your hearts, you are all wonderful human beings. Much love to all.


  1. this is so sweet! thank you very much, I will try and post more regularly now :) I love your blog too, have a wonderful week

  2. You are most welcome. Have a great Easter Break!!

  3. Congrats on all of your awards and have a lovely weekend!

  4. Thank you for your kind words on my first page. They are deeply appreciated. Four agents have requested to see my entire novel. Yet I still get rejections. Your kind words help blunt the sting of them. If you check the post below my first page, you will see that I have also finished a fantasy TITANIC set in 1853, where Samuel meets the one great love of his life, the mysterious, eternal Meilori Shinseen, and clashes with the being destined to be his lifelong enemy, DayStar.

    Love your colorful, cheerful blog. Have only happy surprises this weekend, Roland


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