What I would wear to the Oscars.

Viktor & Rolf

Lela Rose

Lela Rose

I'm watching the Oscars now, and if I was going to walk the red carpet, I guess it would be one of these dresses. The first is by none other than Viktor & Rolf....sooooooo loving the first dress.

The others are by Lela Rose and more affordable. What do you think???? The green one is backless, I could see myself wearing diamonds and emeralds as accessories, loving that too. Just having fun. Its good to dream. Have a great nite everyone.


  1. That last one is absolutely gorgeous. You'd definitely be on a best dressed list!! =)

    Thanks for stopppin by my blog!! Come back anytime! Hope you liked Alice!

  2. Aha, please don't get me started on the Oscars..., from the spills and flips, errors of comedy, FLAWS & ALL, why SO racial? Thank God for ben Stiler!! And So glad for Sandra Bullock and Mo (why such the cold shoulder?)

    I didn't have a "favorite dress" neccessarily......., they were actually nice this year. Overall, I thought the whole night was LONG and drawn out........SMH. How was the movie?

    Have a lovely day :)


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