Happy Weekend Folks!

Hello folks,

Another weekend is before us and I can't wait to be out the office door. 
It has been an unprecedentedly long week, even though it was one day short.
Now I have a huge headache that won't quit. Anyway the weekend is already filling up with a birthday party for the kids, a special anniversary church service, a lunch party, a wedding, and a visit to my sister-in law and my baby niece. Probably some shopping and a visit to the beach.
It going to be a good change from the stress of my work.

Hubby and I have been missing each other as well, we're together but not 
together, if you get my drift. We are like two freight trains going by each other in the house even. 
So we need to just plan a date...Hmmmmph!You know what I'll plan something and surprise him, how's that.

I have realized a few things in the years I have been married, but the one thing  that stands out is,... it takes a long time to build trust, love and respect in a marriage, but only seconds to tear it down. 
At least that is what it seems like to me.

So to everyone have a great weekend, whatever you do.

I now leave you with pictures of "Little Arches" one of the most 
distinctive boutique hotels in the Caribbean and just thirty minutes from my home.

Much Love Lisa.


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