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Marshall Family Christmas Card 2009

Today my son asked to cross the street without my help. He made it very clear, he was not afraid and did not want me to follow him. I was not having it, of course, but he insisted. Anyway to make a long story short, I allowed him crossed the road on his own
(standing near by). 
This is my dilemma, at what point to do give your kids (6yrs old) some independence,...I'm in no way ready for this phase. My daughter at 2yrs old picks out her own clothes and is very vocal about it. Lets say God has given me some strong-willed kids,...not that I'm usually quick to label my kids. But is it normal for kids to crave that independence at such a young age?
Some people might say, what's wrong with me, this is a good thing. I guess I'm a  borderline control freak when it comes to my children,...but who isn't, no matter what age they kids are. My mum is all up in my business all the time( that's because we're close and I tell her pretty much everything) and I'm a 43 yr old woman, in a lot of ways I know she still sees me as little Lisa. 
Do mothers (and fathers) ever stop being protective or caring or seeking to help their offspring, tell me what you think.


  1. I am soooo over protective its crazy! I completley understand where you are coming from. My 7 year old wants independance but there is only so much you can give them without them growing up too quickly and missing out on the little childhood memories. My daughter acts alot older than what she is and and my 3 year old son is acting just the same.

    People have often said to me that I am too over protective and i have to let them grow up...but I say I have to be too over protective, they are my children and if I am not there for them...who will be...they also grow up to be closer to the parents (me and my brother have always been)

    carry on as you are, let him do things with you nearby but dont let him grow up too fast and be too independant...I couldnt :) xxx


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