Tired and happy.

Cupcake Faces

Well the Easter Egg Hunt was a success, the kids had a blast. Now I'm in bed relaxing the parents called back to say they had a good time too and if I'll be interested in planning an adult Easter Egg Hunt next year. I could be on to something. I will post pics tommorrow, I'm sleepy right about now. Yawn!!!!! Can't wait to show you pics from a street fair we're attending tomorrow.

Night , Night. Everyone


  1. Hey Lisa :)

    Looking forward to seeing your adventures! Today was peace with the family for me, we're now about to eat, and finish Ten Comandments :) Happy Easter :)

  2. Thanks for the supportive, wise words on my blog, Lisa. May this new week be healing for you and yours. I'm off to start by 12 day straight gauntlet for the blood center for which I work. Whew! Roland

  3. awww sweet faces! My kids had fun on their hunt and sat and ate all eggs in sight! xx

  4. What a beautiful picture! those cupcakes look yummy!! (preggo lady speaking here, haha!)

    And thanks for stopping by my blog for my SITS day! I'm slowly making my way through all of the commenters. You really make my day special! And I'm glad it brought me here! :)


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