Coffee Table Books,...#2.

Just a few of my fave reads on my coffee table to share with you . Sometimes I like to escape into a good book, when the kids are asleep or just relaxing with a cup of tea. I love receiving new books in the mail, there is something about a book that has never be read that appeals to me. I  also love  the smell of a new book as you open its packaging. Sigh.

Well, I do hope I'll share some more of my favorite books another time but for now take care my friends. Remember to hold dear the things you love and cherish, 
hug loved ones and remember to always be true to yourself.

Thank you for stopping by. Love Lisa.


  1. Hey Lisa :)

    Just got your message, ( I feel you completely)....feel free to e:

    Have a lovely day :)

  2. Some fabulous choices! Hope you have had a perfect weekend! x

  3. Just found your blog and had to swim on over. How envious I am that you live in the Caribbean. That aincredible water makes my heart beat fast. When I finally retire my honey and I will live on a tiny sailboat and cruise around those turquoise waters. Sea witch

  4. A lot of my coffee table books are travel books.... lots of pictures. When I think of coffee table books i always think pictures. When guests come, they always want to see photos and not necessarily read. I will have to check out your suggestions!


  5. Hello again. It took me about 6 months before my blog took off with visitors. I blog because I enjoy the things I learn from others and to share and sell many of the treasures I come across or items that I make. Find your muse and run with...of course,I also follow the BWO trend...Blogging without obliation (BWO). There are some weeks that life just gets ahead of me and I can't blog daily. It is what it is. Now, if you are looking for more people to visit, the best advice I can give you is hve a "giveaway." That always brings in new followers and visitors. Something from where you live, perhaps a few fat quarters of intense caribbean color fabrics or maybe a local handmade basket. All of these are light enough to ship to a winner. Sea Witch

  6. Love, Love, Love coffee table books!! There like a dozen great magazines all rolled up into one! And I love your suggestions. Might have to stop by B&N tonight and see if they have any of them :-) Thanks Dear!


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