Beautiful Fustic House.

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This is another incredible example of Caribbean architecture. A privately owned 11-acre estate dating from 1740, Fustic House is set on a ridge above the Caribbean coastline, where trade winds cool the air, a mere 200 paces from the water. Re-designed in the late 70's by Oliver Messel, Fustic House has sublime views of the Caribbean sea and the west coast.

 An enchanting hidden pool with an equally hidden rock pathway. I'm sure the hidden lights in the rocks and foliage lends well to encourage secret rendezvous's late into the evening.

What is gorgeous about this villa for me, is the constant view of the garden from every angle and  the openness of the corridors and leisure spaces. Simply brilliant.

 An outdoor shower is certainly different and unexpected here.

A room with a view is always a preference for me, especially of the Caribbean Sea.

I will be having a summer giveaway coming up soon. Please tell me what you would like it to be. I'm thinking something very Caribbean, maybe something made of seashells, a summer basket or a set of Creole condiments consisting of Tamarind dipping sauce and mango/tomato chutneys for your pantry. It could also be colorful necklace of beads made right here.

I look forward to hearing your feedback, this is my very first giveaway everyone so it has to be good .

Love you all. Take care. Lisa


  1. Wow! This house is soooo beautiful! I'm loving the dinning room, looks so cool and light. The outside bathroom is a bit much for my shy self, but yes, this is awesome!

    Wow, a give away sounds great. The Creole condiments sound right up my alley! I look forward to your giveaway!

  2. Lisa, I absolutely LOVE Fustic House...though I've only been there virtually


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