Facebook Becoming a Prime Source for Divorce Case Evidence

The quote below is from another who shared this on her blog and have since walked away from blogging leaving 1495 followers behind. This is tragic and very sad situation, as she is currently unwell. This is a warning to us all of the malicious dangers there are out there. We all need to be careful of what we share on our blogs and any other social network sites.
I hope this lovely blogger will find her way back to her happiness and creativity.

 "A week ago I received a letter from the insurance company that handles the Workers Compensation for my employer that states that they are suspending my benefits for further investigation based on a post from my blog that was forwarded to them by my employer.

What says you????



  1. OMG Facebook is no good man...
    I tell ya' if your absent from work Do NOT post anything on Facebook on the day of your absence or else you might get fired the next day..lol

    They're are spying on us, thats what they are doing :(

  2. WOW! That's so sad. I agree with CGBllogger; if you are absent from work than you should be absent from social networks. Social networks cause a lot of trouble and drama! I have broken up with at least 2 guys due to Facebook & Myspace cheating. I'm 21 years old and I stay AWAY from facebook. I always say if you can't reach me offline than you don't need to contact me :)

  3. this is sad. Twitter got me in trouble at work one time, and ever since i'm UBER careful about what I post.

  4. This is sad. People put way too much information on facebook and twitter.


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