Cozy, Colorful Bedrooms.

Hello, its a rainy day today and I'm longing to be curled up in bed with a good book. I'm broke, Hubby and I had a tiff and my 2 year old daughter is getting on my last good nerve.

 So I'm sharing these gorgeous bedrooms with you because they're colorful and cozy and I know that makes no sense whatsoever...but I'm feeling overwhelmed at the moment. Anyway I'll say a pray through it all and God will show me the way forward.

Love to all my loyal friends especially Tuesdai, Eve and Ruthy Ann, you gals are awesome.

Much Love Lisa.


  1. That was my day yesterday. No two-year old, but it had been raining for three days straight with no end in sight and all I wanted was to curled up under my comforter. These bedrooms are lovely. Keep praying, my friend. This too shall pass. Of that I am sure!

  2. Oh Lisa, I hope you feel better soon. You're such a kind hearted person. I'm sorry your days have been rained out, but it's great that you still had a nice Father's Day weekend.

    I'm broke too. :D So as Michael Jackson said, "You are not alone."

    Promise yourself a really nice weekend, of curling up in bed with some rum raisin ice cream. And let the kids cater to you completely. How's that?! heehee

  3. Thank you for the linkie link. :D

  4. Hope things are looking up. I sure love that bedroom with the blue wall paper. We all have those days....they pass!

  5. Peace be still! All will be well my friend...

  6. Bedrooms like those could definitely "take you away"! I imagine them all to be in cozy houses by the beach. Would love to have a bedroom decorated like any one of these!

  7. I can imagine curling up with a book in one of those bedrooms, too. Aren't they scrumptious?

    I wanted to come by for a visit. You had visited my blog back in March, but I had completely stayed off the computer for much of the spring. I'm actually at the beach now and not sure how much blogging I will do once I get back home.... I miss it though.

    I'll have to do a little more poking around your site. Lovely photographs to look at and posts to read.


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