NEW E*TRADE Baby - Girlfriend. So loving this.


Well I have a secret passion for commercials, well not so secret now. 
But check this out, I think the E-trade babies are crazy funny.

What is your fave commercial???

Love, Hugs and Smiles. Lisa


  1. OMG this is so funny, i love these baby commercials!

  2. OMG.....I love the E*Trade commercials as well. The love the one when he does his surprise or maybe it's his happy face. Whatever it is soooo freaking funny.Good one.....

  3. Milka Whaaaat??? I love it. This just cracks me up every time.

  4. This also is funny, the swagger wagon family rap. That cracks me up!

  5. Yeah Great..I Love it! Thanks for sharing Lesapea

  6. LOL. This is so hilarious! I don't watch television - so have no commercials to share.
    Here's wishing you a happy weekend over there in the Caribbean!;-)

  7. funny! I am loving the latest nba commercial where they ar falling into the crowd! so funny. xoxo


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