Tropical wall decor.

Caribbean House Wall Hanging.
All are made from recycled steel drums. 
How wonderful is that.

Sun Garden Wall Art.

Seashell Switch Plate.

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. I wanted to start the week off with a colorful array of Tropical Wall Decor from Tropic Decor. I love their brightly colored home accents and gifts, that reflect my island home here in the Caribbean.
Enjoy!!! So enjoy your week. Love you all Lisa.


  1. Very pretty. Love all of the bright colors.

  2. Hey Lisa :)

    Very nice. This post makes me think of a job I once had working at Meryn's. I would LOVE to escape from my work and run over into the bathroom department to see the new products....and if anything I just wanted to walk somewhere else. It was the MOST annoying and boring job I've ever had. TMI ha, so have a fab day :)

  3. Look at that, I love every piece. Great finds! In the US bright colourful houses aren't as popular as in the Caribbean, and also here in England, but only just a bit. I always wanted to own a pink and white house. :D

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