Turquoise, 2010 Color of the Year.

Chintz, Yellow and Turquoise.

  Once seen mainly in resort decor and clothing, turquoise now is making its way into everyday homes. 
In addition, turquoise and other ocean-inspired blues reflect 
consumers appreciation of the environment and nature.

In general, a high-voltage color such as turquoise is best confined to smaller areas, such as a single wall. 
But if you're not brave enough to splash the color of the year on your walls, 
at least use accessories to update your decor.
Place a turquoise lamp, picture frames, towels or a painted chair for a pop of color. 
The result will be magical.
Hugs and Kisses, Lisa.

Images and text: idealhomemagazine.com , decorpad.com, media.photobucket.com, fineliving.com
Bliss Linens via Fabulousfindsandco.com, 1st-option.com  and House to Home.


  1. I adore turquoise - it reminds me of islands in sun. Your pictures are so shabby chic - love decorating with this bright, happy colour.
    Although I think this colour needs the sun to for it to make impact. Have a nice weekend;-)

  2. Hey Lisa!
    HOw are you today? I'm doing good. On my way to grocery shop...which I LOVE to do, - I'm surprised myself ha. I'm LOVIN' the first first and third set. The arrangement of the colours and designs reminds me of "Alice in Wonderland (which I finally seen and LOVED it, tim Borton did good) . Have a fab weekend girl :)

  3. this is so true. it does seem to be all about the turquoise this year. thanks for commenting on my blog.


  4. Very nice indeed. You always find the best homes. I love it. I'm actually making a pocketbook of turquise fabric. I like, I like. :D

  5. Hi Lisa,
    I love your blog.I found it from Boy from another Planet. My name is Lisa and I'm a Christian too!

  6. Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for stopping by.


  7. Nice i love the bedrooms!

  8. You have a great blog, love the images

  9. One of my favorite colors, loves it <3 have a great weekend

  10. Thank you so much for reading my blog! <3
    I love love love turquoise! I def agree that it is the color this summer. Last summer my color was coral, but this summer I've been ditched the coral. I was thinking about painting my room a lighter turquoise. Even though I have the paint I haven't had time to do it. Anyway, love the blog! I will def post about my crush!

    Take care

  11. What an amazing colour. It works delightfully well in so many spaces! x

  12. obviously i'm a fan of turquoise, I got my pedicure in that color!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...just curious how you came across it?

    Love your blog...added it to my google reader!

  13. Love the mix of patterns in the living room and cant seem to get the dining room out of my head...

    Thanks for the inspiration and take care



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