Bookshelf Lust.






Would someone please talk to my hubby about building me some bookshelves. I'm sure if you're like me, you're wanting a home for your most treasured books and objects.
I'm way pass longing, I think I've become obsessive-compulsive about this whole bookshelf ordeal. LOL.

So till I can have my custom made bookshelves, I'll have to make do with these lovely pics from Country Living and Domino.

Thank you so much for all the well wishes. I'm still ill but doing lots of blog-surfing.

Love you all.


  1. Hey Lisa,

    These bookshelfs make me want to watch a movie. Last movie I saw was "Where You Were Sleeping," a very romantic comedy. Which is what I LOVE best; Romantic Comedies. Have a fab day :)

  2. I totally hear you. I'm going through the same drama with hubby over here. Our beloved books alll over the place... All I ask is for some nice built in space but he just doesn't seem to care!
    Great bookshelves pictures! Have a great day!

  3. i totally know what you're saying here! i have long had a dream of having a small library in my house...someday god willing! i've been passionately collecting books to line up systematically in only if my hubby will take the hint and let me have a library haha!

    thank you for your sweet comment on my post! would you like to swap buttons/follow each other?


  4. I'm drooling over all of the great images! Bookshelves are just so inspiring.

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  5. i'm dying to get a bookshelf like that first one, and a closet with shelving like that too! this makes me want to go to ikea.

  6. I LUV bookshelves! We are so alike! My dream room would be wall to wall to wall to wall book shelves! And I'm a strong believer in this; you can tell a lot about a person by the books on his or her shelves. (Mind you, of course, these are the book they don't mind you seeing.) heheee :D
    What's on your shelf Lesa?


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