Chalkboards 101.

 Swiveling Mounted Chalkboards at Bistro Vida, via here.

A vintage carnival wheel and chalkboards are unique accessories to this country kitchen.
From here.

 Chalkboard Recipe Wall, from here.

This cafe is pure vintage, dressed with large chalkboards, antique mirrors, huge old school tables with drawers and cardboard packing case seats........source.

Chalkboard paint on closet doors is another great kid’s room idea.
From here.

 A stylish home office organizer. A converted panel door into a magnetic chalkboard and salvage the typewriter keys to create 30+ unique magnets. I adore this project from here.

A gorgeous flower shop menu saves on paper. What can I say, 
I love the rustic touch of the weathered door.
Via here.

 Chalkboard tiles are so whimsical from here.

Enjoy!!! Love from Lisa.


  1. Oh snap, that chalkboard paint on closet doors is brilliant. I should get some of that stuff.

  2. We used to have chalkboard painted closet doors for our daughter. Miss them (we moved and our new doors are paneled so we can't do that!).

    Lovely ideas!


  3. I "wants" some of that!!!!! Great items!


  4. I adore chalkboards; they remind me of school days and French bistros;-)

  5. I am loving the new blog layout, your page is looking great!

    Lovely post!

  6. Wonderful selections! I'm in love with chalkboards. We have a small wall in our kitchen painted in chalkboard and all the kids (ours plus whoever comes over to play) love it. I try to sneak in a quote where it hopefully won't get erased or doodled over.

    Also, what divine bookcases. I could look all day at photos of bookcases!

  7. love that home office organizer! Especially in the antique looking frame. These are great ideas :)

  8. These are all so very cool and neat I loved the last one the most I wish I could do something like that in my place.


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