Feathered Glory.

Via here.

Clutch, via here.

Elastic Belts

Louis Vitton

Erickson Beaman Earrings


Via here.

Well, I'm not the most daring when it comes to fashion. But I'm willing to try some these gorgeous feathered accessories. 
I think I'll treat myself to something feathered before I pay my bills and buy groceries. 
What? OK,OK something under $50. Sheeeeesh.

What about you?

Having a great week so far everyone, I hope you are too. God Bless.

Love to all my feathered friends, just kidding.



  1. You go girl!
    Treat yourself :)

    I love this post especially the heels its so adorable.

  2. Oh these are all gorgeous and so fabulous! That clutch, those Louis Vuitton heels - all beautiful!

  3. I love feathers! I had a feather theme for my wedding with an elaborate feather headpiece for the reception. I love those earrings!

  4. absolutely love this post--so creative. i want the shoes!


  5. I LOVE feathers! But since I live in Conservative Switzerland and I'm usually accompanied by one or both of my daughters, I tend to wear them as prints ;-)

    But the stretch belts and the feathered earrings are really tempting!! After all, they are a subtle way to wear feathers... if feathers can ever be subtle ;-)

  6. Lisa,

    Thank you so much for your comments today - I love receiving feedback on what readers want to see - especially in the newsletter as there isn't a place for comments like on a blog. I will certainly keep what you said about reviews on books and magazines in mind - I think you'll be happy to see that each week I include the most recent magazine releases international/domestic, as well as shelter and fashion. I also always include on book that I've read and would recommend for a weekend read or a few weekends of reading. =) I hope you like it.

    By the way, thanks again for including my button on your blog. I apologize for taking so long, but I have posted yours on my list of lovely blogs and friends as well. Happy to have swapped. I hope your day is going well and thanks again for stopping by. =)

  7. I am happy you stopped by my blog today! What took you so long?:-). I'm from the Caribbean too and i am so loving your blog! I love all the feathered looks that you featured too! One luv and see you again soon.:-).

  8. Thanks for visiting me honey.
    Fantastic post! Love the feathers. Love it and your blog.
    xx Emily from ELVintage

  9. hi Lisa...these are fabulous finds! i love those feathered belts the most!...so perfect to glam up a regular kinda dress...dont you think?

    thanks for sharing...have a lovely weekend!


  10. I am so feeling those earring and the shoes!
    Lisa, you always present really nice things here. Keep doing what you do. Love it!


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