Gracious Spaces...#1.

Images: Country Living.

This incredible cottage greenhouse is so adorable I just had to share it with you. 
I love the chandeliers most in this space as well as the lovely floral cushions.
A space like this to call your very own, surrounded by the things you love is exactly what every woman needs. Don't you agree?

Love Lisa.


  1. Hey Lisa.... and Happy 4th of July to you!! And I agree, every women needs at least one "time out" in her day :) Have a fab evening :)

  2. I LOVE that cottage greenhouse. Of course it needs a chandy! I sometimes hang one out on our deck for parties. It adds a lot of nice ambience.


  3. that is such a gorgeous collection of images. really lovely!

  4. ABSOLUTELY! i would LOVE to have something like this in my backyard. i've been saying that my next house will have to have close to an acre so i can put a little workshop in the back, but i would love to have something like this too. i guess that would be overkill, though . . . .

    thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower!

  5. Hi Lisa!
    Thanks for your message. It's nice to know you are thinking of me. I am fine, I have been very busy with my business! I will be blogging again shortly.
    I love this post, it a lovely secret place to be. Ideal for a tea party with homemade cakes and tea served in pretty china cups in with floral patterns.Yum
    I would have a chandilier in every room if I could!
    Thanks again Lisa


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