In the Mood for Tea.


Images from Country Living.

I'm so in the mood for tea. I'm not sure what it is about tea if it's the tradition and the display of fine china in all it's glory...Or it could be the array of dainty tea sandwiches made of cream cheese and smoked salmon, egg salad or cucumber with tomato. 

I know what, the red velvet cupcakes frosted with butter cream icing, basil chicken salad on rye toast with a decadent Angel Food cake smothered with strawberry preserve. Yum!!!

Maybe it's just the chatter and laughter of good friends sharing a moment over a pot of tea. Whatever it is nothing lift spirits like a good cup of tea. Don't you agree???

Bon Appeti-TEA to all.
(My next post will be Blog Awards, stay tuned everyone.)

Love Lisa.


  1. Oh my goodness Lesa, I'm so in the mood for a tea party too!! Are we twins?! I was writing a post about how much I want a pink fine china tea set, I don't even like tea! Don't drink coffee either, so I'd serve hot chocolate and home made muffins. These pictures are soooo beautiful! I'd love to have tea/chocolate with you! :D

  2. What a lovely post!! I love afternoon tea parties! hugs doll

  3. Tea in china cups, cups not mugs, wonderful, love your setting wish I was there right now

  4. did you say red velvet cupcakes? yum!

  5. Haha bon appetea :-) That looks like a dream tea party!

  6. AH, I adore the ceremony of tea and tea parties;-)

  7. I have your lovely button now, thanks! Have a blessed week! :D

  8. Hi: What a wonderful tea table. Just beautiful, thanks so much for sharing it with us. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  9. What a perfect looking tea party. For birthdays, my mum gives me a china tea cup, whether new or found in a rummage at an antique store - I'm quickly running out of space to keep them though!
    A lovely post :) Think I'll go put the kettle on...


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