July 14, 2010

Its a Fairy's Life.

Images by Nicholas Barnett Photograhy

Don't let that face fool you in the least, she is a handful. I am amazed everyday by her as she is learning so quickly, is that normal for second children, when they have an older sibling??

Just a few days ago I saw her trying to flush the toilet and looking most frustrated.
She said," Mummy this toilet isn't working, it needs batteries.
Well my toilet is working, but she is now learning how to use it. 
(She doesn't like the training potty for some reason.)

Needless to say I almost died laughing. 

Last weekend at a birthday party she walked up to the mini bar and asked for something to drink. When the guy gave her a drink, she said very plainly, 
NOT THAT, ORANGE JUICE PLEASE...to everyone's amazement.

Well I won't bore with any more stories of how proud I am of my lovely daughter but in a nutshell,...
 I feel very fortunate that God has chosen me to be her Mom.
 I can't help but feel very Blessed.

Love to All, Lisa


  1. what a cutie pie? brag all you want, lol

    your welcome for the follow - I thought I was following you this whole time since I stop by everyday...I never realized that I never officially clicked the follow botton, lol...silly me

  2. That is the cutest pic ever! And I love the toilet story. I have a very soft spot in my heart for fairies :-) Have a lovely evening. Regards, Sheila

  3. She is gorgeous! And as the youngest in the family, I think that having an older sibling really does make you sharper. It's nice to have some around whose mistakes we can learn from. :D

  4. How adorable is she. Look at those pretty eyes and gorgeous cheeks. :D I'm sure there are lots of funny things she will be saying in the future, keep us updated :D I love children, I just don't have any myself right now. Hopefully one day soon. Have a great weekend!

  5. trust me, this was not boring. she's sounds wonderful!


  6. She is so cute! I love the orange juice story. Little kids are such gems.

  7. OMG!!!! Look at that cutie pie!!! You have the cutest kids, sister! XOXO

  8. I'm not a mother but I am a aunt to 10 of the funniest human being on earth they make my heart melt and smile at the same time. Your little lady is so cute.

  9. She is beautiful! What a joy to spend everyday with her.
    p.s. my little fairy often has a drippy, sticky smile too!

  10. I love the age when kiddies think that a new battery will solve everything! My daughter once told me that I needed new batteries. If only . . . sigh . . . She was sooooooo right!

  11. What a beautiful little fairy tale princess! I love these stories! Happy SITS day!

  12. What a pretty little fairy! Mine loves to dress up like a fairy, too! I have wondered the same thing - if second kids learn faster. My 2 year old amazes me all the time with what he knows.
    Happy SITS day!

  13. SO Sweet!!! Congrats on being featured! Cute Site!

  14. As a second child I have to say that I agree that we're smarter :) Your daughter is gorgeous and I love her fairy outfit!

  15. very cute blog and daughter! That fairy outfit is precious. :)

  16. Belatedly stopping by after your SITS day. Your family is lovely and these pictures of your daughter are adorable! I too agree that seconds seem to grow up more quickly; my almost-three-year-old son seems to want to do everything his big sister, age five, does. And he blurts out the funniest things. Enjoy the adventure!


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