Sunday Arrangements #2.

Domino April 2009

Domino April 2009

Domino April 2009

Today I'm reminded of the little things that make life worth while like these flowers. 
The small pleasures that are uniquely our own.

Like for me it's, taking my kids for ice cream, 
baking cookies, spending time with family, long walks,
spending time with my hubby, holding hands, 
going to beach, reading a good book,
having tea, time alone to meditate and pray and
writing someone a note just  to say how much they mean to you.

Life is short, we can only hope to have tomorrow.
Do everything passionately and appreciate all that you can.

Love Lisa


  1. Beautiful said, and I couldn't agree more with your list - simple pleasures are truly what those moments we never forget are made of.


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