Feathered Glory #2.

JadeRoseDesigns, etsy.com
 Rue de Chic Clutch.

Via here.

Via here and tiedandfeathered,etsy.com.

Via here.

Libertine Feathered Sleeve Jacket.

Feathered Suspension Lamps from Trianon, Toronto, Via here.

Trianon Goose Feathered Pendant Shade.

Trianon White Rooster Feather Lamp.

Okay, I know I've posted about feathers not to long ago, but bear with me as I'm so captivated by all things adorned with feathers. I think its a phase I'm going through. So I have shared from the smallest to the most dramatic... so enjoy my obsession picks.

The Suspension Lamps are my favorite but with my budget I couldn't possible afford these, aren't they divine and decadent.  These feathers are hand dyed in Italy and then sent to France, where the lamps are manufactured. Very cool.
Loving that jacket with the feathered sleeves with some black slacks or even some jeans with some killer black stilettos. The headpiece in the first photo would be spectacular in white for a bride, but I love it all the same. Not sure where I would wear it though.

Loves and Hugs to everyone. Lisa


  1. Loving the pictures :)

  2. You do not have to apologize about nothing. Feathers are cool, period! I love the selections and I thank you for sharing them with us. XOXO

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment. Like your blog! Hope you will follow my blog too?


  4. I love that white chair! so cute. I love your blog : ) I'm a new follower, YAY!!! Please check out mine ( I hope you follow back)


  5. @ Marla thank you so much you are always encouraging.

    @Jonesy, I will most definitely check you out gurl. Thanks again for the blog love.

  6. I so love feather earrings, although most feathers make me sneeze. I do like these pictures though. Especially the first one, the red hair adornment, lovely :D


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