Lonny Magazine Aug/Sep.

Lonny (page 111).

Lonny (page 121).

Lonny (page 120)

Lonny (page 156).

The fourth issue of Lonny magazine is finally here. The online magazine is an extreme success and already has a huge following. These are just a few images from a feature on Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic Couture and Vincete Wolf.
I do believe this is the best issue thus far.

Loves Lisa


  1. I browsed through it today and really love this issue too! Great post!

  2. Such a beautiful magazine! Thanks so much for introducing me to it. I went over to browse and certainly must revisit:o) Happy week to you and thanks for sharing.



  3. Loooooove that chandelier on the second pic and that gorgeous blue wall overflowing with wall art on the last one.

  4. oooh scrumptuous! The chande is my fave!


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