Purple Love.

Amanda Nisbet Design.

Via here 

Freddy and Ma Clutches

Graham & Brown Wallpaper.

Drake Design Associates.

I have been mesmerized over these images and many others featuring purple decors. I think purple could possible rival my love of turquoise. Hmmmmph!!! I think I might be on to something with this very regal and posh color. I'm going to do some more investigating, in the mean time enjoy these lovely images.

So sorry I've been missing in action recently but it feels like I've be pulled into every conceivable meeting at work. Take care, love to all.


  1. i love purple - it's so regal

  2. purple is my least favorite color...but it looks so good in these images!

  3. Wow, who knew purple could just pop like that! It's such a fun color!

  4. Purple is a Royal colour, I love it. I used to have purple hair some years ago :D

    I love the table covers and those purple chairs are lovely. Really nice post Lisa.

  5. @Eve did I hear you right purple hair. LOL.
    @Kristen, who knew Huh!!

  6. Ah me too! I'm loving the purple wallpaper and the kitchen... wonderful!


    P.S: I'm having a supercute giveaway running till tomorrow! Come and check it out! (it's jewelry!!! :)

  7. love purple! it's my favorite color since ever! I just love everything purple, and everything you posted in here(: great post...
    I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:


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