What I'm Loving Today.


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I'm loving the rain we have been having today and the time I have been spending with my family. Its nice not to be busy, and to spend time having tea with my now three year old daughter. She is growing up so fast and her vocabulary is expanding day by day. 

Today she found a small toy in her cupboard, she said to me,
"Mummy, I remember this from when I was a little girl"... well needless to say this
gave me great pause at this profound statement and have a good laugh as well.
But I believe that God used this statement to show me, how quickly time goes in a child's mind. I realize the kind of parent I need to be is one, that is never too busy for my children because they would not be children for long.
Love to All and Thank you for stopping by. Lisa.


  1. I absolutely LOVE chocolate! The cookies first please....

  2. The first picture just makes me want to melt! Ahhh, i'm craving chocolate soo bad!

    And I believe that you should never be too busy for your children, their what means the most in life, and thankfully both of my parents made me come first. They do grow up fast!

    Did I mention those cookies look amazing as well!

  3. YUMMY...YUMMY...I adore these pictures and now I must have some chocolate!! Thanks for sharing; and for being a great blog friend - I really appreciate the heartfelt birthday wishes!! You are such a lovely lady and have a wonderful place to visit and reconnect for a while. May God Bless...I'm off to get my Oreo cookie now; unfortunately, that's the only chocolate I have in the house :-) Hugs, Sheila

  4. Stopping by from Blog Frog. I'm a chocoholic. I love this post. The photos are beautiful. I enjoy your blog, so I'm now following you by rss feed.

  5. Awh, your little girl sounds so adorable, that was so sweet.

    Great post too, I love chocolate cookies, or biscuits as they are called here :D


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