I am looking forward to another weekend. Last weekend we had a storm which was no fun at all. I lost my internet, electricity and water. This week was also a sad as we buried our Prime Minister on my small island home of Barbados. A lovely tree  outside my bedroom was also lost to the high winds of the storm. So to make up for last weekend hubby and I are off to the movies for a date and the kids are with Granny. Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to beach birthday party and the whole family will hang out and eat cupcakes.

So I wishing you all a lovely weekend and hope you eat a cupcake this weekend to celebrate life and bliss. Be sure to hug and kiss your loved ones as well.

Love To All. Lisa


  1. Following you from Over 40! Have a great weekend! I'm off to find some cupcakes!

  2. Have a great weekend too. The Caribbean is getting a beating with storms but I know God wont give more than we can handle. Take care.

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  4. Now I want a cupcake and no where to get one worth going out for. :-) still, I appreciate looking at the photos of yummy cupcakes.

    A lot of love is playing. Haven't heard that one is a long while. thanks.
    Su-sieee! Mac
    This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

  5. are you enjoying your weekend? this post is lovely!

    missed your blog!


  6. Oh, how did you know that cupcakes were the first love of my life???

    I work for a caterer, and they truly are.

    THANK YOU for the virtual breakfast!

  7. Those cupcakes all look so good! I hope you enjoyed your beach party. Sounds lovely! Thanks for stopping over and entering my giveaway and for voting for my photo too!!!

  8. oh I want to taste!

    Take a peek, our first blog.

    Hope you'll enjoy it :)
    Best regards from Sweden


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