Interview with HER. (A Featured Blogger Series).

My Friend Wilma Jean.

When did you start blogging and why? 

I started blogging several years ago because I was inspired by the awesome women on Tech TV. The whole channel was about tech, social media, branding, gadgets, all sorts of nerdy stuff. But somehow it fit into my way of thinking that we creative types needed a way to reach the masses. These women worked alongside the men, creating the type of life that worked for them. They were blogging, so I needed to blog too. Now the network is no longer, but the episodes are on YouTube.

What are some of the lessons you have learned since.
I'm still learning...Be yourself and don't take yourself so seriously. The more authentic you are, the better dialog with other bloggers, that's important because I have made good friends online that turned out to be good friends in real life. 

What inspires you to blog??? .
Random real life things... I may meet someone who's starting their own crafty business and then I want to announce it to the world. Or I may think my outfit of the day is really fly so I have to post it. Then I meet someone at a meet up (and recently) blogger conferences and they are a fan of my work. So then that inspires me when I feel like my blog sucks, to keep going and improving.

What was the most inspiring thing you've read recently.
The most inspiring book have read is "Refuse to Choose", which also answers the next question. I'm not being lazy, they just relate.

What has been your fave post?
I have been inspired by The Think and Grow Chick ( post on "Refuse to Choose" with Eisa Davis and Barbara Sher. Even though it was posted November 2009, it is still very relevant, and I visit it often. Most creative types who are successful, that I look up to are great examples of this principle. They have learned to do everything they want, instead of what other people say they should do, and create the life they want. 
Who are your style or inspirational icons and why?
I look up to the "grown and sexy" over 40 women. I always have. They are strong, confident, intelligent, and never really age. When I was young I would proclaim "I will be like Tina Turner one day." A random stranger complimented me on my Angela Davis fro. (It was frizzy that day.) But that was a serious compliment. When I pull my hair back I have been told I look like Sade. One day I hope to be in that special group of women.    
Who are some of your fave blogs?
I read a lot of design and street style fashion blogs, the list grows (artists workspaces), (the tech section rocks), (hand made things). 
That's the short list.    

Finish this sentence I Am... Me. Evolving. Grateful.

Wilma is definitely a blogger that reaches past her blog to touch the lives of her followers. I have been very fortunate to call Wilma a friend, I hope you will as well. Visit and follow here.

Please do not copy or reproduce any of these original artworks. 
There are the property of Wilma Jean and are used only with special permission. 
Thank you.

Stay tuned for my next "Interview By Her". Love Lisa.


  1. Wilma is a very interesting person. Her paintings are lovely. I like her idea of not taking oneself too seriously. :D

  2. Great interview. Thanks so much for your kind comments. I will def be getting in touch with you. visit again soon!

    xoxo Monroe

  3. This was an insightful read. Nice to meet you Wilma:-)

  4. Thank you all for reading the interview. I really loved answering the questions because they made me think. I look forward to your future features here, Lisa.

  5. YAY WILMA JEAN! Lovely and insightful interview Congratulations. :)xoj


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