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FashionSteeleNYC. Laugh Shop Love

When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging after a read in article in amNewYork about the 6 style blogger you need to know now. Something inside me just clicked. I actually had started to write a novel the day before because I love to write but then I saw this article and was blown away. I knew right then that this was something I had to do. I have a real passion for writing and fashion. Blogging is the perfect combination of the two and I really love it.

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What are some of the lessons you have learned since.
Blogging is not easy. It takes a lot of time shooting and posting and editing and keeping readers interested and coming up with blog titles. It can be a little daunting. I've learned to actually draft a few, atleast 3-5 post, in advance and post them throughout the week instead of quickly posting something once a day. I spend 2 days a week (for about 2-3 hours) preparing post that i will later publish onto the blog. It keeps me from going insane really. I've also learned it takes time to get a good strong following.

What inspires you to blog??? .
What inspires my blog are the things I buy and the great deals I score. I want to share the awesome places I shop especially the vintage/thrift places with everyone. I want to let fashionista's know that you dont have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks. Fashion inspires my blog and my need to share the little jewels I find. 
What was the most inspiring thing you've read recently. 
The most inspiring thing I've read recently is an article in Marie Claire titled The Gap Generation. I acutally blogged about it here It talked about conventional and unconventional beauty and how women with gaps are taking over the runway and the big screen. It was really inspiring because I have a gap between my teeth. I had the chance to get it fixed but grew to love it. I coudn't imagine smiling and it not being there. Its a part of me I've grown to love and I'm happy the world loves it too.


What has been your fave post? 
My favorite post was the Glamour Magazine: Love Your Life Conference I had a blast at this event. I got to meet Paulina Porizkova and see Stacy London in person. It was just awesome to be around so many inspiring women.

Who are your style or inspirational icons and why? My style icons are Marilyn Monroe, Tracy Ellis Ross and Rihanna. I love everything Marilyn. She is just so classy to me. I loved her in high waisted A-line skirts and snug fitting tops and curly blonde hair. She was just amazingly stylish with little to no effort. I fell in love with Tracy Ellis Ross watching her show Girlfriends. She is the daughter of Diana Ross so ofcourse her style is effortlessly chic. She fueled my lust for vintage A line skirts, pointy toed heels and sleek large envelope style clutches.I love that Rihanna takes fashion risk. She recently wore the magenta blouse with orange pants and gold platform pumps and i love love loved it!

Who are some of your fave blogs? 
Top 5 right now are Wheredidugetthat (Karen has amazing style and savvy), Diamonds and Tulle, Zarna's Runway (She is soooo fly!), The Sidewalk is my Runway, and Gary Pepper Vintage.

Where do you see your self in 5 years.
I hope it 5 years I will still be blogging about my shopping adventures in NYC. I hope to have visited Paris, Milan and Egypt by then. I hope to have maybe written for a magazine or two. I would like to own a pair of Louboutins (I should accomplish this sooner than later lol). I just want to be secure and happy and published!
 Finish this sentence
I Am... more than one sentence could ever say!

Thank you so much Monroe Steele for such a great interview. I hope you will stop by FashionSteeleNYC, here, sometime soon and get some great fashion ideas and insights.

Take care everyone and have a fabulous week, stay tuned for another featured blogger coming soon.


  1. Awwwwwwwwww I love it! thanks so much for the honor. It was fun.

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  2. Great interview, I will definitely have to check out her blog ;) xo

  3. I don't always comment, but I always enjoy my visits here.


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  5. i absolutely loved everything about this post. the interview is awesome! i'm so interested in this blogger now.

  6. Great post!
    I just discovered your blog,it's very cute!I added to your followers:)
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