Interview by HER. (A Featured Blogger Series)

When did you start blogging and why?
I first started blogging because I opened an Etsy shop.  But now I blog because I love to share the crafts I make, recipes, and tutorials.  It's fun when people comment and positive feedback is nice!

What are some of the lessons you have learned since.
I have learned there are so many talented Bloggers out there!  I have also learned that posting about 3 times a week is a must.

What inspires you to blog??? .
Crafts, whatever I am thinking about that day.  My crazy life.

              What was the most inspiring thing you've read recently.
     A book about a Holocaust Survivor called From Ashes to Life by Lucille Eichengreen.  I am slightly obsessed with the Holocaust and love to read inspiring stories of survivors!

What has been your fave post?
I think my favorite post was this one:

I love these ornaments!  So fun and easy....

Who are your style or inspirational icons and why?
I love Sandra Bullock.  She seems so down to earth and has a great sense of humor. 
I am inspired by anyone who is blessed with the talent of crafting.  Anyone who can come up with their own ideas is so inspiring to me!  

  Who are some of your fave blogs?
Oh, where do I start?  There are so many!  Here are my top 5, but there are soooo many others!
1.  (this is one inspiring lady!)
                                  Where do you see your self in 5 years.
   Crafting, finishing school hopefully!  Spending lots of time with my kids and hubby!!

 Finish this sentence
I Am..
hopelessly addicted to reading blogs!
Thank you so much Karen for this interview. I look forward to seeing more of your crafty blog.

Check out Pocket full of Pink, here to see Karen's blog.

Have a great Thursday everyone. Love to All.


  1. Thanks Lisa! I really enjoyed the interview. Your blog Rocks!
    ~Karen @ Pocket Full of Pink

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