Happy Monday and the Le Chandelier Tea House.

Le Chandelier is a Tea House, Café-Restaurant in the Salon tradition
Taking tea is a celebration of tranquility, a time to reflect and to give back to your mind and your body that which a busy lifestyle take away. Freshly baked pastries for breakfast, an eclectic selection of wines, lunchtime specials and of course that huge selection of specialist teas from farms in China, India, Taiwan and Japan are all served in these wonderfully gentile surroundings, underneath a spectacular array of vintage French and Italian chandelier’s that are also available for purchase.

What a lovely and tempting lineup of desserts.


Le Chandelier can be booked for private hire. 
I'm so loving this Moroccan room that can also be hired for small private parties.
After the kind of day I've had, this looks like the perfect setting to find myself again. 
Anyone out there care to join me???

 This chair is soooo cute. I love the colour.

There are over thirty-four teas here. How divine is that.


Check out these mosiac walls and mural. 
Ok, few places get my attention like this, but this tea house leaves me speechless. 
Have a great Monday everyone, I know I didn't, my day was hectic, I almost didn't post this. Anyway I'm off to a cup of tea and to catch up on all my lovely blog friends.



  1. O how beautiful!! I love tea and tea houses. It has been so long since I visited one.

  2. i love that third picture!! it reminds me of the olden times when the men would go to the cigar room and the ladies would go there to relax with tea. beautiful!

  3. wowzer, that's so cool. maybe when i grow up, i can go to places like that. maybe!! ;)

  4. this place is gorgeous! i would luv to go there... instead i will settle for a little cup of Chamomile Stash, & my warm bed! :)

  5. So glad to get to look at such beauty on a cold & snowy day!! Glad I found you on the blog hop..Now following you o Twitter & GFC (ShariLynnAlligood)


  6. What a cool place! Now following you from 6 in the Nest. Come follow me when you get a chance.

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    Following your blog!
    Please follow back!
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  8. What a gorgeous place!!!!!!!! Love the blue chair too.


  9. Oooh la la! Dreamy images, my friend! Today I'm posting the divine award you gave GirlWhimsy. Once gain, thank you bunches! Have a whimsical rest of the week!


  10. Stunning place-these pics are divine! XX


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