Interview by HER. (A Featured Blogger Series) Jinellycakes.

 I am very happy to introduce you to my blogger friend, Jhe'anell who owns a lovely cupcake company based in NY, specializing in event catering and home deliveries. Her company will soon be offering nationwide delivery.  Here is her interview, I'm sure you will be inspired by her as I know I am.

Jinellycakes was inspired by my love of baking but most of all, by my affinity for cupcakes. I would bake for my family, but what gave me the confidence to start my business was when my cousin ordered a batch of Red Velvet cupcakes for herself and her co-workers for Valentines Day last year. I dropped them off at lunch time and by the time I was back home in my driveway 5 minutes later, she called to tell me they were all gone and that everyone was raving about them. That led to one of her co-workers ordering another couple batches for a family event, and I thought "It would be awesome to do this for a living" - but then I got caught up in a full time job that consumed my life and took me in another direction.

As far back as I can reminder, my parents have always instilled hard work and the spirit of entrepreneurship in me through example and conversations that we'd have. They were having these conversations with me before I could even spell the word entrepreneur. As a result, I was never the kid who would say, " I want to work at ___ when I grow up", or work for this person - I was always thinking about what I could study in school and how I could eventually translate that into a business of my own. When we moved to The States, it was the first time I'd ever seen my mom work for someone other than herself and I could see and feel the difference every day when she went to work. Recognizing that change as a child always stuck with me, and although I've had a few good bosses, I've never been completely satisfied in my job situations. At the end of the day, no matter how hard I worked, how much I sold, how many hours I put it - I didn't own any of it. My desire to not have someone dictate how much I will make, or how I spend my day is what has compelled me at 23 years old to start my own business. I have no problem working hard and putting in long hours - I'd just rather do it for myself.

I'm still working on it, but I imagine it to be a fluffy vanilla cupcake with pink frosting and filling, sprinkled with edible gold dust.

I've learned that I can accomplish anything as long as I get out my own way and keep a positive attitude!

Just imagining that you're going to make it big one day won't get you anywhere - you have to go out and get it. Once you know what you want to do, you should be doing something every single day that will bring you a little closer to your goal. It could be as small as doing research, taking a class, or going to a networking event. When you go to bed at night, you should be confident that you did every single thing possible that day, that you could have done to move ahead...and then do it the next day...and everyday after that.
Who are your style or inspirational icons and why?
June Ambrose, Solange Knowles and Shala Monroque! The three of them have an amazing way of mixing and matching prints in a way that seems so effortless. Shala's style is very classic but she always has an amazing signature piece, June has a way of putting her own spin on classic cuts and Solange is just does whatever she wants. Most of all I just respect that the fact they stay true to themselves and don't follow every single trend that emerges.

Who are some of your fave blogs?
My absolute favorite is Lateboots! I also love Loren's World, Illuminated Mind, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Luixirare - the list goes on and on - anything stylish and elightening. 

Where do you see your self in 5 years. 
I see myself continuing to be happily married, becoming a mother and running a successful business - whether it's Jinellycakes or something else. Should my journey still lead me to have this company, I would love to have a storefront or two by then - maybe a recipe book - it would be amazing to have my own line of bakeware! I also plan to expand my products to include more than just cupcakes. My sister also has a company called Nicole's Gift Creations, so I'm sure at some point we'll collaborate together and take over the world, lol! Where ever I end up, I just hope to be healthy, happy and surrounded by my family.

 I Am...

Driven, quixotic, in love and BLESSED! Oh yea, and obsessed with Oprah :)

Thanks again Jhe'anell, for this lovely and thought provoking interview. 
I wish you all God's blessings on your new business.

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  1. Awesome! I totally love cupcakes! I think her signature cupcake sounds so good!

  2. So wanting a cupcake right now...great interview!!

  3. What an inspiring person! And her cupcakes sound incredible.

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely comments everyone & Lisa thanks for the opportunity :)

  5. Great interview..Your cupcakes looks delicious and I wish you many more blessings. Your not alone with that, I'm also obsessed with Oprah too. :-)

  6. I found you at at TTT Tuesday Blog Hop and I just wanted to say Hello!

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  7. I found you at at TTT Tuesday Blog Hop and I just wanted to say Hello!

    Please follow back and feel free to enter my huge giveaway I have going on. We have 8 prizes with 8 winners and extremely low entries.

  8. What a great interview. She is so inspiring. I grew up with my parents telling me the same thing. It's just a matter of learning what you're good at and knowing all aspects of it. Then you own it, and you own it well.

    My best, Lynn


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