A Vanity Affair.

How romantic is it to have a place to get ready. I have taken my vanity for granted and today I'm inspired to give it a little makeover. Simple ideas are key, have a close look at these images with lots of lovely cost effective ideas to spruce your vanity. I can't think of a better day to do this, can you? Whether it be just a hanger for your lovely beads, like in image #5 or fresh flowers #1 or just to hang a piece of lingerie #3. I know whatever you do will look fabulous. Be sure to tell me what ideas you love most from the images I've posted.

Have a great week everyone.



  1. Hi Lisa,
    I love the mirror in pic 2 and those pink flowers, so beautiful! You have a good taste finding these lovels pictures, thanks for sharing! Enjoy the sunday,

  2. ooohhh...love this! wish i had room for a vanity it my tiny apartment. But i do love that hanger idea for necklaces!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Glad I stopped by here. You made my day actually! Thank you. Newest follwer from Tara's Weekend blog hop.

  4. Thanks for the follow. Now following you back :)

  5. Really nice blog. thanks for following I do agree we do have a lot in common!! :)

  6. Even 1 flower will do, a candle is a must, lit of course, a mirror is essential, a superb photograph wiil do, a range of pearls even fake ( who gives a damn !!!) in any small and delicate bowl; well, you had it all there !
    Now back to our own bedrooms and try to make the same ! Ugh !!!!

    Fidji from irresistibleparis.blogspot.com

  7. Ooouch! I simply love these photographs. what an eye you've got, siter! Super gorgeous items, furniture and spaces. I love the mirrors, the chairs, the vanities...

  8. I'm a huge fan of big, chunky and old mirrors. I've picked up several for little to nothing at garage sales! This is a great post and I always love looking around your blog!

    I'm thanking you for entering my CSN $100 Stores Giveaway http://goo.gl/fb/aKEuJ . Thanks for putting my button on your sidebar and following me on twitter & FB. You said that you are also following my blog but I'm not seeing you in the blog list or in the list of blogs you follow. Can you check that for me? Thanks so much.

    Have a great day! Susie

  9. I like number 1 - love that one and also number 8 because I love how you can see the view of the balcony in the mirror. :o)

  10. Where do I even start. Lol, I think am in love with your blog. We love similar things and have lots in common. I am a graphic designer and fashionista who has a passion for all thing fab, especially French provential furniture, and Venetian mirrors. I have a passion for design on the whole. I lived in Miami for 10 years and I am from the Bahamas so I LOVE the ocean. Oh, and I am a passionate follower of Jesus, and as it happens I am happily married to the 9th wonder of the world...


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