The White Start.

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Well, we are off to a new year, new dreams, new wishes and of course new decor choices. Right now I'm in my white zone. Last year I loved turquoise and still do. But as I declutter my soul, mind and life in general, I am drawn to the simplicity of white hues. White in all its glory has crept into my heart as I crave an ambiance of tranquility. My bedroom is the place where I have chosen to start my journey, it's where I spend most of my time anyway, so it should look like the most comfortable during sleep and while roaming around in it.  For me, the girl of color, this is a switch.  So wish me luck with the dog and the kids and yes my adoring husband on this paranoid journey to keep whites white and gleaming.

Love To All.


  1. Great post. Nice decor inspiration. I like the modern one with the glass windows. Happy New Year!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  2. I have some of those very same pictures in my "dream book"! Would you believe that I'm all about white & teal/turquoise? Perhaps we were seperated at birth! LOL! ;)

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  4. I love the one with the large circle mirror on the floor and I love the dream banner!

    Thanks for following The Elephant's Trunk

  5. Happy New Year, sweet lady! Well, I'm finally back from all the hustle and bustle of this Christmas holiday. I'm excited about what this new year will bring! I wish abundant blessings for you and your family and may you get all that your heart desires, my dear! And, I must say your new blog layout is just fabulous! And, you know how GirlWhimsy loves delectable home interiors, so your post made my heart leap - so fresh and inviting! And, thank you for showing me some love and gracing GirlWhimsy with an award. I will be sure to post it before the end of this week, with a link back to your endearing blog. I'm sending hugs & kisses across the internet waves! Muah!


  6. Happy New Year sweet Lesa! I wish you and your family all of the Lord's richest blessings! One luv. Oh, love the white inspiration too.XX

  7. Oooh. I really love the headboard in the 4th photo. I wish I had white linens, but they would probably get all dirty that same day. :/

  8. your blog is very cute and interesting,i'm your newest follower :)

  9. i love the white look! it is so simple and serene!! now if my room could actually look like that ALL the time i would be serene and simple lol thanks for the follow


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