Breakfast Inspiration.

Ricotta Stuffed French Toast with Berries and Maple Syrup.

Breakfast???? What's that; a word that I'm not very familiar with, let alone meal. I hurry out the door to the office most mornings with nothing but grapefruit juice in my stomach. And "NO" I'm not on a diet.
That's until I found photographer Jen Causey's blog Simply Breakfast, a site dedicated to the early morning meal.  This woman is now my new hero, her blog documents her daily early morning meal accompanied by her lovely photographs.  Who blogs about breakfast anyway, (I think quite a few people do, but no offense,) but it’s the divine combination of her love for the art of photography and her affection for breakfast.

Bagel with Raw almond Butter and Honey

I mean this is mega inspiration people, you should visit her sometime. Jen broke this beloved mug (above) and I kid you not 50 friends commented on that post alone. I think I'm hooked too as I visit her frequently for fun, fresh ideas of how to have a smashing breakfast.

 images via Simply Breakfast

Thanks to all who observed the Bloggers Day of Silence yesterday for the people of Japan. 
Let us continue to hold this nation in our prayers.



  1. Those all look yummy! New follower here, hope you will follow back!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog.I love breakfast and the ricotta dish looks splendid for any time of day!
    I've decided to join you.......don't want to miss anything!

    Happy weekend! Rx

  3. Hi Lisa,
    See, that's why I like coming here, always a good surprise, like this breakfast link, looks good! And being raised by my grandma (and my parents) leaving the house without something warm in you was a no,no! So I still drink tea before I leave, my girls too, and we eat a light breakfast, cereal or toast, I have to otherwise I will fall over my stomach who will strike at 10am if I don't eat...
    Have a good Sunday hon,

  4. Breakfast never looked so delicious!!! I'm now a GFC follower from the Say Hi Sunday blog hop. Hope you have a chance to check out my blog and maybe follow me back!!

  5. I'm not much a breakfast person either but that looks so cute!

  6. Oh I love Ricotta stuffed anything and adore french toast so this is a win win combination! I am a new follower from Say Hi Sunday.

  7. Stopping by via the Sunday blog hop.

    Love this post...the ideas. Oh, to make breakfast so pretty. What a great start to the day.

    Thank you for sharing her blog with us.

  8. Those pics look delicious! Thanks for joining the Monday blog hop and for using its button still!! :)

  9. Hey following you from the blog hop but that food looks Delicious!! :D Hope you'll follow back.

  10. I'm your newest follower from McHoppin' Monday... and I've had such a great time browsing your blog - there are so many fun and inspiring things! These breakfasts look delicious and I love the tiles... and the dresses... :)

  11. Thanks for sharing last week on Fresh Clean and Pure . . . boy this is quite the breakfast! Wish I could have been there! ;-)

  12. I just woke up and you are making me so hungry! Just found ur blog and I think it's so pretty with really gorgeous pics! Loving the new issue of Rue that u featured on the top. Please stop by mine...I am now following!


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