Decor Inspiration #7

I love decorating with art and from time to time just moving paintings and photos around my home. 
I love large pieces the best, but whatever your taste, nothing personalizes your space like art does.



  1. Wow a lot of these are so pretty. I love finding just the right piece of art for a wall. Really like your blog. Glad I found it!!

  2. Love all the art work! You are so right, the right piece can really compliment a room. :)

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  4. Gorgeous. Even with huge pieces I love how uncluttered the decor looks. Hmm... reminds me that I need to spruce up my home for spring! :)


  5. That is so beautiful! I love large scale art pieces... just way over my budget! Hey I am now following you, come check my lovely book giveaway!

    Hugs and kisses from Rio!


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