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Lorena in Uruguay via Travel Designery

Hello everyone, meet Lorena from the fabulous blog Travel Designery.  As a recent follower to her also recent blog, it has quickly become one of my favorites and to many others as well. I look forward to seeing  more of her multi-faceted life, as she shares her travels, her passions and her lifestyle. Thank you so much Lorena for a truly unique blog.

When did you start blogging and why? I started blogging just over 2 weeks ago, on March 13th. The reason was basically to share the beauty and variety I've seen in this world. And people always seemed very interested in my travels and photos so I thought it would be a good platform to address those things.

What are three words that best describe you? Creative, Loyal, and Determined.

What are some of your fashion must haves when travelling?  A versatile wrap/pashmina which doubles as a cool scarf, a nice pair of walking boots or ballerina flats (don't like sneakers unless it's for climbing), jeans with stretch denim and fun accessories – big earrings, gold bangles, etc. And some good looking carry-on luggage, right now I have DVF.

Diane Von Furstenberg Marlene Flap Carry On (via Bing).

What is on your must do list? Seeing 100 countries before I die, so I gotta keep it moving! And making enough money that I can donate to animal welfare groups or begin my own charity to help them. That is one of the things that really tugs at my heart when I see the injustices they endure, especially in third world countries where it's normal for them to be on the streets and mistreated.

Lorena in Buenos Aires via Travel Designery

The thing I love most about what I do is…Being as a free as a bird taking flight.

Who are your style or inspirational icons? I've never really looked to other people for that, my style is basically just an extension of my personality. I'm very big on accessories and jewelry and clothing that look effortlessly cool. For inspiration, no other better than God and Jesus and the people who embody that message of positive energy, for example Satya Sai Baba of India,  the Dalai Lama, etc.

Who are some of your fave blogs? I wasn't an avid blog reader before I began but I discovered The Blonde Salad not too long ago and I think she's fantastic and very unique out of the bunch.

I’m currently obsessed with…Really BIG rings..I've always worn them big but I'm really liking them as a statement making piece right now. And vanity cases that can also be used as handbags, I'm absolutely loving those.

On a Saturday afternoon you will find me...At one of New York's crazy afternoon brunch parties!...Regular brunch is good too :-P
Where do you see your self in 5 years. Hosting a travel show that incorporates design, art and fashion...And finally settling down with a man as fiiiine and successful as  
David Gandy where we split our time between our multiple homes all over the world, lol. 

David Gandy via Bing.

Favorite Quote… One that I live by everyday: "Life Moves Pretty Fast, If You Don't Stop and Look Around Once in a While, You Could Miss It—Ferris Bueller's Day Off  (words of wisdom even though it's a 1980's teenager movie!)

 Uruguay Sunset via Travel Designery



  1. Thank you so much for the feature! It was a real pleasure :-)...Hope your readers enjoy!
    — Lorena

  2. She is so amazing, isn't she? I get so inspired with her travels...

  3. I love Lorena's blog...she is so talented-her photography is just amazing! And I share her passion for travel! It was fun getting to know more about her!

  4. Lorena has such a warm heart and it clearly shows! Her passion for traveling is an inspiration to me and I love her blog as we can vicariously live through her. I love that she mentioned David Gandy- what a hotty!

  5. Love the interview and easygoing conversation. I most recently started following her as well and this is a good insight.. She's as lovely and as multi-faceted as the places she visits :)

  6. stop by from bloghopping, Hope to have you follow me.

  7. Stopping by on a blog hop as well. Amazing photos. Hope to see you at!


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