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Mid-Summer Fare

 Couscous Salad

 Lavender Infused Lemonade

Foods for mid-summer are typically fresh vegetables and fresh fruits that are in season, harvested herbs and edible flowers, summer squash and any yellow or orange colored foods. Honey, pumpernickel bread, barbecue fare, herbal teas, fruit juices, punches, natural sweet wines, ales and meads.

A fine Midsummer celebration for family and friends would first be to visit a farmer's market, local farm stands and gather fresh ingredients for your feast. It supports local farmers and leaves a kinder, gentler footprint. Plan your meal for outdoors with a summer tablesetting and enjoy the summer breezes, as the season seems to be slipping quickly away.



  1. Yummmmmy. My mouth is surely watering. I am intrigued by the lavender infused lemonade. That has to be amazing. I never thought of that.


  2. oh yum! this makes me starving ... good thing i'll be eating dinner in a lil bit!

    thanks for checking out my blog ... gave me the chance to check yours out! :)

  3. Really mouth-watering... I love the idea for the lavender infused lemonade...

  4. I LOVE these table settings. And all these meals look incredible too. Great finds!!


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