Weekend Inspiration: Summer Sandals.


$98 J.Crew Sandals at Net-a-Porter (no longer available online - sold out?)

 Bottega Veneta sandals, $368, bergdorgoodman.com.


Another weekend is upon us and I'm off to the beach with my family to enjoy some of the sunshine and sand between my toes. 
There is nothing like relaxing and having a good book in tow. But with two kids both under seven, it's not like I'll get much reading done, who am I kidding. LOL.

Check out these summer sandal styles you might like, if you are on the hunt. 
I particularly love the yellow suede ones from French Sole...Divine.
What will you be up to this weekend my Lovelies??? 
Take care and be safe.



  1. Hi Lisa,
    Now YOU have great taste in sandals! I'd like the top (turquoise) pair to go with my turquoise and green maxi dress.

  2. Hello! I like the first sandals. A good weekend!

  3. Hello! I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog today (modern earth design). Love your blog and you have great taste. The last ones are my favorite. Have a great time at the beach and God bless : )

  4. Absolutely love the first two pairs.
    Great blog!


  5. I am loving the yellow ones. They look Caribbean chic. We will be hitting the beach tomorrow. Can't wait. Enjoy your day!


  6. I love your blog! And love too that you live in Barbados. We were there for our honeymoon and loved every minute of it!!

  7. Your sandal picks are amazing...love every one of them! :) Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa!! Hope you get lots of reading in :)

  8. great picks. those botteggas are something else...

  9. hi!!
    nice blog!
    Follow me if you like my blog and I'll follow you back. :)

  10. Making my daughter a yellow summer dress and the Jennifer sandals would be perfect! She was born in London, so anything 'English-y' she adores!
    Thanks for sharing a great site.

  11. the yellow ones are my favorite too! great taste! :)

    p.s. i would love to visit!!! that would be so awesome ... love that you basically live in Paradise!!! :)

  12. No problem Ill come back and visit again follow me!

  13. You know, even sandals can be really difficult to shop for. These are extremely cute though. Think I would get the blue/black and the yellow one. Those are the best!

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  14. i follow you back!

  15. So nice to have met you! :)

    And you're right! The yellow sandals are THE best!

    Love them!

  16. LOVE these sandals! Perfect inspiration for some summer style! The first ones are my favorite!


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