Fashion In Watercolor: Kareem Iliya

I have been recently obsessed with Kareem Iliya a renowned artist.  I love his style, and it all makes me yearn to resume painting again. Kareem Iliya illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, Vogue, Nike, Tiffany & Co. among other major Fortune 500 brands. His artistic style portrays a beautiful and elegant water-colored images such as these:


all images via pichaus.

I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. This weekend I was grateful to getaway with hubby and it has left me with in a sense of euphoria.  I am so glad we spent some much needed time together.  I look forward to sharing some photos from our little getaway with you soon. 

To see more of Kareem Iliya's Fashion in Watercolor visit here.


Have great week everyone. Love and Hugs.



  1. Oh my those are very pretty! Especially the last one that gives the illusion of a beautiful woman. You have a great week as well and can't wait to see more about your getaway:)

  2. Those are absolutely fantastic! Love how she usestje necklaces!

  3. wow! his work is incredible ... stunning!

    can't wait to see some pictures of you and hubby's getaway! those are def. the best! :)

  4. i love this art! really nice pictures!

  5. Very colourful...looking forward to your getaway pics :)


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