Monday's Inspiration: Favorites List.

by Sara @ sprouted kitchen.

Well, I'm into my third week of my weight loss exercise program and I'm trying to eat healthier. This weekend my beach workout was killer, as I couldn't move afterwards. I tried washing my hair and just to raise my arms was darn near impossible. Hubby has been my biggest supporter and my son says he loves me just the way I am, no exercise required. My son will make some girl a happy wife one day. Anyway, I'll keep you up to date with my progress, but for right now I'm starting the week off with some of my favorite links...
so Enjoy and have a great week ahead my Lovlies.

1. A One of a kind engagement shoot @ Swoon.

2. Handbag love @ Anve.

3. Zest Magazine: Summer Issue.

4. Herbed Cream Cheese Scrambled Eggs @ 101 Cookbooks.

5. Summer Maxis that transition to Fall.

 6. My next major purchase.

7. A Summer cheese plate @ Sprouted Kitchen.

8. 6 Rules to a more Balanced Life.



  1. I would love a new camera. good luck on your weight loos. Its alway good to know that regardless of what you look like, someone will love you unconditionally

  2. I need to do the same thing girlfriend! Good luck.
    BTW...what plan are you doing? South Beach? That worked for me a few years ago. NEVER felt better. I need to try it again.


  3. good luck on your weight loss ... looks like you are on a great start!

    i love the thought of transitioning summer maxis to fall ... love that!

    and cream cheese scrambled eggs sounds so amazing! i want to make it now!!!

  4. Good luck with your weigh loss! Im sure you gonna look Amazing~ and I love first Image~so yummy!


  5. Keep up the workouts! Trust me, the pain will be worth it! I need to get back into a routine!!

  6. Keep up with the workouts! I'm doing the same but the eating that's the hardest struggle but I am trying everyday to make good choices!

  7. Great pictures and lovely Blog! I need to do a lot more exercises for good health! I heard about your Blog from the Friday Blog Hop. I am happy to become a Follower.
    Judy from Jamaica

  8. This pircure encompasses so many of my fav foods. Grumble grumble goes the stomach.
    Following you from FFBH and looking forward to checking back with you.How you will FB
    and take care


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