Monday's Inspiration: You are MY God.

I am so amazed by God and all he does for us in spite of the imperfect people we are. I feel very blessed to have the husband and family that I have.  I cannot credit anyone but God, who has allowed 
"... my lot secure.
 and my boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;"

Psalm 16
My prayer is that I will live a life of gratitude for the blessings I have received and yet to receive, to always live my life being the example He has called me to be.



  1. great inspirational post . god is truly amazing and deserves all praise. have a blessed day .

  2. I love this - thanks for stopping by and sending your condolences :)

  3. wonderful and gorgeous and fabulous! He's the One!! xo -Taj

  4. beautiful! love that scripture! it is so very true.

  5. Always great to have inspiration to look forward to each morning:-) Now following.


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